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Imported Hass Avocado (Approx 150 gm)


Ships only to Mumbai, Thane

Note: Available in Mumbai & Thane Only

Origin: Peru

Fresh Hass Avocados are a creamy superfood, packed with Omega 3 fatty acids, potassium, folic acid and fiber – contributing to a healthy heart.

Serving suggestions:
Avocados are extremely versatile – enjoy smashed or sliced on toast with a sprinkle of lemon. Enjoy it with some Smoked Salmon for breakfast or a snack (available from Big Sam’s).
Avocados are an essential ingredient in Mexican cuisine for guacamole dip and a necessity in many popular Japanese dishes – in maki rolls with salmon garnished with tobiko or in salmon poke bowls (sashimi grade fresh salmon and orange tobiko available from Big Sam’s).
When the avocado is over ripe i.e. the shell is too soft to touch we suggest smashing it. When perfectly ripe it is lovely sliced or diced.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Storage Instructions:
Keep out in a cool, dry area to ripen naturally (can take a few days if hard).
Store in the fridge to slow down ripening process.
To check if they are ripe squeeze gently by cupping them in the palm of your hand, if ripe they will give to a gentle pressure and, be careful not to squeeze harder as they bruise easily which causes them to go black inside.



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